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PSD to HTML: Crucial Step Towards Website Development

psd to html conversion
In general, PSD to HTML is a workflow in developing a website. First of all, a web page is designed in a Photoshop Document (PSD) and then converted to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Swapping Photoshop with any other image editor like GIMP, Pixelmator, etc is quite feasible, but the principle is same.
Here’s the detailed step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Design a high fidelity pixel-perfect mockup in Photoshop of exactly what you want the website to look like.
  2. Use the slice tool to divide the site’s imagery and after that export it for the web.
  3. Write HTML and CSS to utilize the imagery you exported from Photoshop.

Experimenting in Photoshop first and then exporting it to HTML, sounds like a sensible and granular procedure, if you don’t know what the final result is going to look like. A designer creates a Photoshop mockup and hands it over to a web developer to write all the codes what we call PSD to HTML Conversion. These days, the role of a web designer tends to encompass aesthetics as well as HTML and CSS coding.
What has increased the requirement of PSD to HTML developers:
It’s the improved turnaround time and better customer service that arouses need for a reliable website developer to convert PSD to HTML. Although website designers are proficient in designing, but when it comes to convert PSD to HTML, many designers lack behind in skills. So, the web developers expert in such conversion can increase the quality and minimize the turnaround time.

PSD to Website:
Here are some points regarding the conversion:

  1. Initially, accept PSD, PDF, AI or PNG designs.
  2. Designs are converted into HTML, XHTML, CSS along with offering implementations of themes, shopping carts, CMS, etc.
  3. Functionalities are analyzed properly.
  4. Coding part begins using a programming language.
  5. After the completion of coding part, quality testing is done based on the following parameters:
    • Semantic Coding
    • W3C Compliance
    • Cross Browser Compatibility
  6. Wrap up- It’s wise to discuss and sort out the important issues before making the website live.

A good website must be perfect from its structure to HTML/XHTML/CSS markup. These above points will surely help in maintaining the quality of the website throughout the development process with the proper functioning and navigations. Understanding the need for clean conversion of PSD to HTML gives focus on developing higher user-friendly websites.


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