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Web Design & Development

A website determines your success in corporate communication and public relations. A good web design can make your website click while a poor user interface can literally break the site. Not only design, proper functionalities, navigations and interactions resulted through coding part can ensure your business stand out from the crowd. So, it’s important to keep in mind that ultimately your site is for your users. Trieffects, a web design and development company, is always there to develop and design your site considering all the possible prospects.

Here’s the approach we follow:

Create a concept:

It’s the first and foremost way of starting off on a high note with your website design and development. Creating a concept requires enough web research and brainstorming sessions. Our experts help entrepreneurs to create a winning concept.

Come up with an organized & professional design:

We can easily bring your visions to reality very efficiently with a perfect
graphic design. Our experienced designers create PSDs for your approval and after that we work on them.

Throughout coding:

Only an expert programmer who is pretty conscious about programming can avoid strange errors. Our web developers having command over different programming languages, do the coding part with dedication to avoid such errors.

Make it responsive:

To fit your site with every screen size, our web developers make it responsive. A responsive webdesign is a way to optimize the source content so that it must fit in equally well for all types of devices to provide a seamless experience.

Test the website:

Before making your site live, it’s our duty to test it properly on different devices to make sure that its appearance, functionalities, navigations and interactions are perfect enough to appeal your users.

Time to deploy:

Deployment of a site is a process when we’ve finished developing the site, tested to make sure it works, and are ready to push it to a live web server. It needs domain registration to make your website visible online.

Trieffects provides 24X7 web designing services around the globe. Our unique designs will breathe life into your site, bringing you more business. We are specialized in delivering best web development services to meet current W3C and SEO standards.

We offer the below mentioned services in web design & development:

Logo Design:

Your business needs a distinct mark, symbol or emblem to stay unique & appealing and that’s what a conceptualized and powerful logo does. It advertises your business, principles and values, leaving a great impression to outsiders. We design professionally intuitive logos for our clients.

PSD to Website:

The mock-up work is almost always done with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and after the approval of PSDs (Photoshop Documents) by the client, we break the PSDs into slices, convert PSDs into HTML & CSS, get W3C validation and finally integrate the files and thus PSDs convert into a website.

Responsive Webdesign:

You needn’t to develop multiple versions of your site- for desktops, mobiles and tablets, if your website is responsive. A responsive web design fits all the screen resolutions appropriately, giving the same amusement to visitors.

Web Template Development:

We design templates for our clients and also customize ready-made templates as per your needs using Adobe Photoshop and make the layouts responsive using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery mobile and CMS, keeping them SEO friendly.

Web Development:

We have good hands on WordPress development as we have got experienced WordPress developers who have developed numerous websites on WordPress technology. Not only WordPress, we also used to do strong>Drupal development.


  • What’s the charge of website development at Trieffects?
  • Do you provide maintenance services after development?
  • Can a website grow my business?
  • Is it for startups or established businesses?

Charges vary with the requirements and technologies to be used. So, you can mail us your exact requirements and we’ll send you the best quote ASAP.

Yeah, we do. We provide free maintenance & support services for 3 months after developing & deploying your site. Even after three months, we provide such services, but we charge for that.

Definitely it will as people these days check the online visibility of any business before proceeding further. Therefore, a good website will increase users automatically for sure.

It’s for both as only a site can generate great revenues for your business without much effort.