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The Vogue of Mobile App Development in 2015

No one is untouched with the addiction of smartphones these days, not because it’s a medium to communicate with our known ones, but there’re countless things which will come to us after hours of research with our fingertips and people love these things a lot. That’s why mobile app development industry is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year inventing new mobile apps implementing superb ideas.
List of Top Mobile Development Trends to Expect This Year:

  1. Cloud Driven: It’ll focus on the ability to integrate and sync apps on multiple mobile devices so that users can access those apps on multiple devices with the same functionality and content.
  2. Beacon & Location Based Wi-Fi Services: Beacon technology is already implemented in iPhone app development and will be implemented in Android as well. These services engage users through Wi-Fi and provide access to locally relevant services and content as well.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT): More the users connecting to the mobile devices, more will be the IoT and with IoT, apps based on Beacon or Wi-Fi will reach more users and will help growing businesses.
  4. App Security: It’s still a big challenge for mobile app developers and need to seriously act upon.
  5. Banking & Mobile Payments: Payment or purchasing using smartphones instead of credit or debit cards will become so common in 2015.
  6. Growth of Enterprise Apps: Android and iPhone app developers will have to develop and manage Enterprise apps this year.
  7. User Experience: With the increasing number of mobile devices, developers will have to focus more on user experience to create better user experiences.
  8. Mobile Gaming: Mobile games are expected to be cloud driven due to the demand of regular updates in games.

The trend of Android app development in Delhi NCR also changes time to time to fulfil new demands of users and sometimes due to the changing technologies. Mobile app developers have to be always updated with the changing trends to implement new ideas in the applications. So, app developers have to be prepared for what’s coming the very next moment.


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