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Mobile App Development Trend in India

Smartphones have dazzled the lives of people nowadays. Everyone has a smartphone in their pockets and 90% people use net surfing on their smartphones instead of laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. It has paved the path for developers to carry out mobile app development in India for different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
Why android app development is rising more than anything?
A survey on the use of smartphones shows that 80% people use Android devices these days and that’s the main reason behind the rising trend of Android app development. Number of Android apps is increasing day by day and varieties too. Android app developers are in a rush to develop more Android apps and Android users are in search of more and more apps. Countless categories of apps are available, like games, chatting apps, dating apps, shopping apps, etc.
Some popular mobile apps developed by Trieffects Technologies:
Android application development in Delhi NCR:
First of all, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is needed, so the developer has to select one out of Eclipse, NetBeans and Android Studio, however Android Studio has become the official IDE.
To start with Android app development, a well known Android app development software kit is available i.e. Android SDK. It’s packed with a complete set of app development tools. An Android developer makes use of:

  1. Debugger
  2. Libraries
  3. Handset Emulator based on QEMU

Depth of Android app development:

  1. Android SQLite Database: It’s very light weight database which comes with Android OS to store user data.
  2. Android JSON Parsing: JSON is structured, easy to parse and light weight. It’s the best alternative to XML when any app needs to interchange data with the server.
  3. Connect Android with PHP and MySQL: An Android app calls a PHP script in order to perform a data operation and then the PHP script connects to MySQL database to perform the operation.
  4. Android Push Notifications using GCM: GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service for Android helps in sending data from servers to Android apps on Android devices.
  5. Android Location API: Many Android APIs are there to get device location (latitude and longitude) and now it can be found using Google Play Services.
  6. Android integrating PayPal: PayPal is a payment gateway which must be integrated while developing an eCommerce app.
  7. Android integrating social media: When anything in an app needs sharing then social media integration is done.

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