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App Store Optimization

Guidelines Of App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is the organic approach and the best option for promoting applications by optimizing the app store. ASO can spike the volume of downloads and reviews consistently on the app to achieve a higher ranking over a period of time. In a nutshell, it’s the art of “How to be easily visible on the app store”.
For ASO, some on-page and some off-page activities are done:
1. On-page activities: Meta tags, meta description, URL optimization, image and ALT tag optimization, javascript optimization, stylesheet optimization, web page code optimization, canonical issue optimization, robots.txt, sitemap.xml optimization, HTML optimization, web responsive design, content optimization, W3C validation, etc. On-page optimization is done at the time of publishing the app.
2. Off-page activities: Submission of contents (blog, directory, bookmarking, classified, business listing, press release, article) on high PR sites, profile creation, image sharing, forum posting, guest posting, infographics, micro blogging, pinging etc. Off-page optimization is done when any app is live at the App store.
Some ASO strategies need to be applied:
1. Research & planning: First of all, keyword research is done usually through Google Adwords. It comes down to getting a fundamental understanding of what search terms users are using to find similar apps. ASO Executives have to find all keywords and select those keywords having low or moderate competition, but high searches to target.
2. App Name & Description: The name of the app must include the main keyword and in the description all the keywords will be included. The description of the app must be unique, precise and enchanting enough to engage users and invite them to use the app.
3. Screenshots: Screenshots must be attractive and can clearly highlight the most important features of the app.
4. Developer/ Publisher: The developer/publisher holds the credibility as developing an app under the same developer/publisher name as other high raking apps will automatically bring your app up in the App Store Search Engine. Basically, the first app might be a little bit slow, but as you will release more and more apps, your apps will be naturally be ranked higher on the app store.
5. Ratings/reviews: 5-star rating and good reviews can bring the app higher easily. It depends on the quality of the app as well as how effectively you promote the app.
6. Backlinks: Use the right techniques before starting a backlink campaign.
7. Social media: Nowadays, social media is everything. Social media optimization (SMO) has a huge impact on both SEO and ASO as everyone is active on social media these days and if any app will be promoted effectively on social networks, then it will be proved to be a “Boom”.


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