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2D & 3D Mobile Game Development Services in India

Mobile game development has introduced the ability to conceptualize, develop, design and release games on devices with more ease and success than ever. Robust and interactive games for mobile platforms are rapidly developed by professional mobile game developers around the world. Both 2D and 3D mobile games are becoming popular among people regardless of their age.
Bubble Shooter Android Game Developed by Trieffects Technologies:
Tools For Mobile Game Development in India:
Developing mobile games need expertise and deep knowledge of mobile game development tools like:

  1. Autodesk Maya– It’s a 3D computer graphics software in which developers define a virtual workspace (scene) to implement and edit media of a particular project where scenes can be saved in a variety of formats, the default format is .mb (Maya Binary). This software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  2. UNITY– This software is basically used for 3D game development for mobile platforms like Android and iPhone. It’s an integrated authoring tool which is also used to develop browser games and for architectural visualizations or real time 3D animations.
  3. Adobe Flash– Small interactive games are developed using this tool as it displays text, vector and raster graphics to provide animations, video games and applications. The use of ActionScript, which is an object-oriented language has made Flash powerful.
  4. 3Ds Max– It’s a professional 3D computer graphics program used for making models, 3D animations, games and images. It has modeling capabilities, a flexible plugin architecture and can be used on Windows platform easily.
  5. Cocos2D– It’s an open source 2D game framework having two versions, one written in Python and another in Objective C. Some important editors like SpriteBuilder and CocoStudio are there. It provides basic animation primitives that can work on sprites using a set of timers and actions.
  6. Blender Game Engine– This is a free and open-source comprehensive 3D production suite used for developing real-time interactive games. It supports Python scripting and OpenAL 3D sound.

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Reasons Behind More Focus on Android Game Development in India:
Nowadays, there is more focus on Android game development due to the following reasons:

  • Increasing Android users.
  • Android uses Java programming language which is easy for programmers to pick up the Android development for the first time.
  • The Android OS is not licensed.
  • Numerous marketplaces and app stores for Android apps and games are available.

The possibilities of development are inexhaustible and the above crucial points have made both mobile and Android game development more popular among programmers as well as entrepreneurs.

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